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Saturday, September 3rd 2016


Eugenides Foundation (Main Auditorium)

Metropolitan Hotel (Aegean Sea Ballroom)

Eugenides Foundation (Conference Hall)


Scientific Session: Radiotherapy
Moderators: G. Kyrgias, P.Platoni

Tolerance levels and methodologies for IMRT verification QA
D. Mihailidis, N. Papanikolaou

Oral presentations

O152 Relative Efficiency of EBT3 Radiochromic Films to Proton and Carbon ION Beams
R. Castriconi, M. Ciocca, A. Mirandola, C. Sini, S. Broggi, M. Schwarz, F. Fracchiolla, G. Mettivier, P. Russo

O153 Empowering Radiation Therapy Effect Through a Nanotechnology Based Enzymatic Therapy
R.D. Esposito, D. Planes Meseguer, P. Dorado Rodríguez, V.M. Barberá, M. Saceda, L. Fernandez Fornos

O154 Characterization of Ytterbium-Doped Silica Optical Fibre as Scintillator Dosimeter
I. Veronese, E. Mones, G. Loi, S.Cialdi, M.Gargano, N. Ludwig, E. D’Ippolito, M. Fasoli, N. Chiodini, A. Vedda

O155 Low Dose Characterization Of Fricke Gel Dosimeters by Optical Absorbance and MR Relaxation Methods
G. Gambarini, I. Veronese, L. Bettinelli, M. Felisi, N. Ludwig, M. Gargano, M. Carrara, G. Collura, S. Gallo, A. Longo, M. Marrale, L. Tranchina, F. d’Errico

Scientific Session: Imaging
Moderators: M.Mahadevappa , F. Zanca

Invited Talk
DICOM standards for patient dosimetry
A. Trianni

Oral presentations

O164 Quality Control in Diagnostic Imaging Using Images of Patient Studies
P. van der Tol, J. M. den Harder, L. Bravaglieri, W. J.H. Veldkamp, J. Geleijns

O165 Creation of a Paediatric Head Voxel Model Database for Dosimetric Applications
N.Touyz, A.Stratis, G. Zhang, R. Jacobs, R. Bogaerts, H. Bosmans

O166 Evaluation of Breast Software Model for X-Ray 2D and 3D Mammography Imaging
Y. Baneva, L. Cockmartin, H. Bosmans, N. Marshall, G. Mettivier, P. Russo, K. Bliznakova

O167 A Utility to Read Automatically Dicom Format Data for GAMOS/GEANT4 Simulation
P. Arce, J. Ignacio Lagares, D. Azcona

Scientific Session: Radiation Protection in Diagnostic Radiology
Moderators: Z. Bliznakov, I. Duhaini

Oral presentations

O179 Italian Report for Radioprotection of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Nicu) Patients
A. del Vecchio, A. Loria, M. Campoleoni, A. Ciccarone, E. Genovese, C. Minari, N. Parruccini, S. Strocchi, G. Zatelli, M. Agosti, F. Vimercati

O180 Correction of Scattering Effects in Cone Beam CT
Kasch Kay-Uwe

O181 TC Protocol Optimization: A Quantitive Approach
M. Biondi, A. La Penna, E. Vanzi, L. N. Mazzoni, G. De Otto, G. M. Belmonte, E. Foderà, R. Martini, G. Imbriaco, F. S. Carbone, A. Guasti, L. Volterrani, F. Banci Buonamici

O182 Web Based National Patient Dose Survey in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology. Preliminary Results and Analysis of Survey Performance
F. Simeonov, D. Kostova-Lefterova, D. Ivanova, J. Vassileva

O183 Local Diagnostic Reference Levels in Children’s CT Examinations According to the New European Guidlines
T. Makri, A. Tsilimidou, V. Syrgiamiotis, C. Xatzigiorgi

O184 A 9-Years Follow-Up of Occupational Radiation Doses in An Interventional Cardiology Department
D. Kostova-Lefterova, H. Mateev, A. Aleksandrov, E. Ivanova, J. Vassileva


Refresher Course:Advances In Charged Particle Radiotherapy For Paediatric Tumours
Moderator: J. Kalef-Ezra

General overview on charged particle therapy- current status and future challenges
M. Ciocca

Expected clinical benefits and challenges from particle therapy for paediatric tumours
S. Schulz

The future role of particle beams in the treatment of paediatric tumours, by a medical physics point of view
A. Bolsi

Joint EFOMP-EANM Session: Quantitative Imaging And Dosimetry In Nuclear Medicine
Moderators: S. Holm, M. Konijnenberg

Instrumentation/Optimization/QC of imaging for Nuclear Medicine diagnostic dosimetry
S. Holm

Dosimetry methodology for diagnostic Nuclear Medicine
U. Eberlein

Dosimetry/optimisation in Molecular Radiotherapy

Scientific Session: Radiation Protection in Radiotherapy
Moderators: I. Stamatelatos, V. Peppa

Oral presentations

O185 Optimization of IMRT Techniques for Two Dose Levels Irradiation of Larynx Cancer
A. Youssoufi, M.Bougtib, M. El Baraka, M.Erraoudi, F. Bentayeb

O186 EPID-Based Dosimetry Using a Commercial Software: Gamma Analysis and DVH Metrics for VMAT Pre- Treatment and In-Vivo QA
E. Villaggi

O187 High Dose Radiotherapy Can Be Preserved Normal Tissues From Bystander Effects Of Irradiated Tumors
M. T. Bahreyni Toossi, S. Soleymanifard, S. Khademi, H. Azimian, S. Mohebi

O188 Assessment of the Dosimetric Impact when Modelling Complex-Shaped Multi-Leaf Collimators in Monte Carlo Simulations
Á. Perales, M.A. Cortés-Giraldo, M.I. Gallardo, H. Miras, R. Arráns

O189 Optimization of Minimal Beam Size for Spatial Fractionation of the Dose Using Ions
W. Gonzalez, C. Peucelle, Y. Prezado

O190 Inter Observer Variation in Delineating Lumpectomy Cavity and CTV for Patients Undergoing APBI Using Intra-Operative Implants and ITS Impact on Implant Dosimetry
R. R.Upreti, A.Budrukkar, T.Wadasadawala, S. Mishra, L. Naidu, R. Pathak, D. D.Deshpande

O191 Implementation in Clinical Use of a New Plan Verification Software for Conformationnal and Modulated Treatments
A. Barateau, J. Mesgouez, D. Autret, M. Bremaud, C. Di Bartolo, S. Dufreneix, C. Legrand

O192 Development of External Dosimetry Audits for Advanced Technology in Radiotherapy Dose Delivery: An Iaea Coordinated Research Project
J. Izewska, P. Wesolowska, W. Lechner, D. Georg, M. Tomsej, D. Followill, S. Kry, M. Tenhunen, J. Povall, D. Thwaites

O193 Assessment of Portal Dosimetry Accuracy as a QA Tool for VMAT Clinical Treatment Plans Using Dolphin/Compass Tools
M. Tomsej, A. Monseux, V. Baltieri, C. Leclercq, A. Sottiaux


Coffee Break


Satellite Lecture (sponsored by Bracco Injeneering S.A)
Moderator: E. Seccamani

Patient Dose and ALARA in a compliant world
A. Torresin




Special Session: Technology-Enhanced Education In Medical Physics
Moderator: S. Tabakov

Successes and Challenges of e-Learning Practical Introduction in Medical Physics Education and Training
S. Tabakov

The Social Web: A New Communication Medium and Scientific Evaluation Tool
G. Sanchez Merino

Refresher Course: CT dosimetry and optimization
Moderator: A. Trianni

Invited Talk
Patient-specific dosimetry in CT
G. Solomou

Invited Talk
CT dose optimization
A. Papadakis

Scientific Session: Radiation Protection in Radiotherapy
Moderators: S. Schulz, A. R. Figueira

Oral presentations

O194 Dosimetric Confirmation of Monitor Chamber Positioning Following a Carousel Pullout on A Varian Truebeam Linac
A. Sabbas, W.Daling, J. Keith DeWyngaert

O195 The Reproduction for the Absorbed-Dose to Water of the Clinical Accelerator Photon Beams
S. Jin, K.Wang, Y. Fan, Z.Wang, J. Huang, X. Yang, J. Zhang

O196 A Comparative Plan Analysis: Constant and Variable Dose Rate VMAT and Step-And-Shoot IMRT in Head and Neck Cancer
A. Didona, C. Aristei, C. Zucchetti, R. Tarducci, M. B. Panizza, A. Frattegiani

O197 On the Spatial Sensitivity of a 3D Dosimetric Phantom
E. Apostolou, R. Avgousti, C. Armpilia, A. Nikolakopoulou, A. Zygogianni, C. Antypas

O198 Electron Depth Dose Curves in Inhomogeneous Medium for Radiation Therapy: A Simulation Approach
A. S. Jagtap, B.J. Patil, S.S. Dahiwale, V.N. Bhoraskar, S.D. Dhole

O199 Effects of Interruptions for Public Holidays in Spain on Radiotherapy Treatments
J.M. de la Vega, B. Ríos, J. Torres del Río, R. Guerrero, I. Castillo, D. Guirado


Special Session: Radiation Protection in Diagnostic Radiology
Moderators: J. Edmund, E. Samsøe

Invited Talk
The Process, Status And Perspectives of the 2nd ECMP 2018 in Copenhagen
J. Edmund, E. Samsøe

Oral Presentations

O156 Radiation Safety Training In Medicine
I. Duhaini

O157 First Survey of Mammography Practice in Sudan: Radiation Exposure and Setting National Diagnostic Reference Levels
I.I. Suliman, S. Awad, Alaa Mahdi, N. Ahmed

O158 Comparison of Occupational Doses and Practice of the Interventional Cardiologists in One Department
D. Kostova-Lefterova, H. Mateev, A. Aleksandrov

O159 Proposed Dose Reference Levels in Radiography Procedures in Sudan
Nada A. Ahmed, T.S. Mohammed, E.H. Basheir, A.B. Farah, I.I. Suliman

Scientific Session: Imaging
Moderators:G. Loudos, E. Dimovasili

Invited Talk
CERN breakthrough technologies for non-invasive, in vivo, image-guided diagnosis
E. Dimovasili

Oral Presentations

O168 Α PET/SPECT/X-RAY Prototype for Whole Body Mouse Imaging
M. Georgiou, E. Fysikopoulos, M. Rouchota, E. Fragogeorgi, K. Mikropoulos, P. Papadimitroulas, G. Kagadis, G. Loudos

O169 Quantitative Analysis of Sentinel Lymph Node Detection Using a Novel Small Field of View Hybrid Gamma Camera (HGC)
M.S. Alqahtani, J.E. Lees, S.L. Bugby, L.K. Jambi, B.S. Bhatia, W.R. McKnight, N.S. Dawood, A.H. Ng, A.C. Perkins

O170 Assessment of Low Energy X-Ray Imaging for Magnetic and Gold Nanoparticles
M. Rouchota, G. Loudos, E. Efthimiadou, G. C. Kordas, G. C. Kagadis

O171 Phase-Sensitive Breast CT with Monochromatic Beam Towards the Clinical Trial
R. Longo, F. Arfelli, R. Bellazzini, A. Brez, F. Brun, M.A. Cova, P. Delogu, F. Di Lillo, D. Dreossi, C. Fedon, B. Golosio, G. Mettivier, M. Minuti, P. Oliva, M. Pichera, L. Rigon, P. Russo, A. Sarno,G. Spandre,M. Tonutti,G. Tromba, F. Zanconati

Scientific Session: Radiobiology
Moderators: A. Bolsi, P. Papadimitroulas

Oral presentations

O200 Radiobiological Effects of Cancer Stem Cell-Targeting Therapy in A Head and Neck Cancer Model
L. G. Marcu, D. Marcu

O201 Radiobiological Analysis for Evaluation of SIB Hypofractioned Treatment in H&N Disease
L. La Rosa,A. Occhipinti, A. Pedalino, A. Rabito

O202 NTCP Shift in Radiotherapy of Lung Cancer When Changing Either the Radiobiologic Models or the Photon Dose Calculation Algorithms
A. Chaikh, J. Balosso

O203 Quantification of the Impact of Electrons Transport Model on DVH Metrics and Radiobiological Indices for Lung Radiotherapy Plans
A. Chaikh, J. Balosso

O204 Effects of Low-Doses Ionizing Radiation on IL-4, IFN-Γ and TGF-Β Genes Expression in Spleen Lymphocytes of BALB/C MICE
M. T. Bahreyni Toossi, MaryamNajafi Amiri, Mojtaba Sankian, Hosein Azimian, Sepideh Abdollahi Dehkordi, Sara Khademi

O205 The Effect of Concurrent Radiation and Calcium in Two Cancer Cell Lines
J. Billberg, S. Krog Frandsen, J. Gehl, F. Mahmood


Satellite Lecture (sponsored by GE Healthcare)
Moderator: V. Tsapaki

CT Dose Excellence Project: Α Pan European approach towards protocols unification and dose optimization
K. Katsari




Lunch Break


ISRRT Session: Radiographer’s Input For Improving A Safety Culture For Medical Imaging and Therapeutic Procedures
Moderators: D. Katsifarakis, E. Agadakos

Truth or Dare: Achieving lower radiation doses in CT
E. Agadakos

Angiography – Neuro-interventional laboratory procedural safety issues
K. Thanassoulas

The impact of medical informatics on safety and quality assurance
N. Delikanakis

Image Guided Radiation Therapy: a safety practice
A. Sarchosoglou

Scientific Session: Imaging
Moderators: D. Lurie, S. Gotsis

Invited Talk
Fast-field cycling MRI: A new tool for enhanced diagnosis
L. Broche

Oral Presentations

O172 Fat Suppressed Proton Density Mri Increases the Sensitivity in the Detection of Cervical Cord Multiple Sclerosis Lesions
E. Karavasilis, A. Athanasakos, G. Velonakis, G. Argiropoulos, L.S. Poulou, P. Toulas, I. Gkerles, E. Xenos, P.E. Efstathopoulos, L.N. Kelekis

O173 Structural Alterations in Patients with Schizophrenia: an Advanced Neuroimaging VBM Study
A. Mentzelopoulos, E. Karavasilis, F. Christidi, E. Spilioti, L. Mantonakis, E Savvidou., P. E. Efstathopoulos, E. Anyfandi, E. Kattoulas, G. Nikiforidis, N. Smyrnis, L. N. Kelekis

O174 Interactive Web Site And App for Early Magnetic Resonance Education
L. G. Hanson

O175 Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation of Magnetic Nanoparticle Hyperthermia
C. Papadopoulos, G.Loudos, E. Efthimiadou, G.Kordas, G.Kagadis

Scientific Session: Educational and Professional Matters
Moderators: C. Caruana, G. Sanchez Merino

Oral presentations

O206 Medical Physicists Certification Process and Examination in the Middle East
I. Duhaini

O207 Sustainability of the European Training and Education of the Medical Physics Expert in Diagnostic Radiology (EUTEMPE-RX)
St.Christofides, V.Tsapaki, C. J. Caruana, H.Bosmans

O208 Producing the Next Generation of Medical Physics Leaders in Europe: EUTEMPE-RX Module MPE01 ‘Development of the Profession and the Challenges for te MPE (D&IR) in Europe’
C. J. Caruana, E. Vano

O209 Implementation of the “Anthropomorphic Phantoms” Educational Module from the European EUTEMPE- RX Course
Kr. Bliznakova, I. Buliev, Z. Bliznakov

O210 New European Recommendations for MP Staffing Levels - Application to Portugal
R. Figueira, E. Poli, J. Isidoro


Scientific Session: Radiation Oncology
Moderators: J. Edmund, A. R. Figueira

Invited Talk
Fetal dose from radiation therapy
M. Mazonakis

Oral Presentations

O160 Towards Breast Cancer Rotational Radiotherapy with Synchrotron Radiation
F. Di Lillo, G. Mettivier, A. Sarno, P. Russo

O161 TBI with a Translational Technique: A 15-Year Experience
T. Koligliatis, P. Komi, E. Vasilakou, N. Pappas, A. Tsilimidou, K. Kouvati, B. Zambatis

O162 An Analytical Model of Tumour Response to Radiotherapy to Investigate Biological Parameters of Chordoma Treated by X-Rays, Protons and Carbon Ions
V. Kanellopoulos, N. F. Kirkby, R. Jena, M. Dosanjh, K. J. Kirkby

O163 EPID-Based in Vivo Dosimetry for Complex VMAT Treatments Dose Verification in Clinical Routine
S. Cilla, A. Ianiro, F. Deodato, G. Macchia, A. Fidanzio, L. Azario, V. Valentini, A. G. Morganti, A. Piermattei

Scientific Session: Imaging
Moderators: K. Bacher, M. Sans-Merce

Invited Talk
Radiation-induced cataracts in staff engaged in interventional procedures (remote talk using go-to-meeting)
M. Rehani

Oral Presentations

O176 Factors Affecting Exposure Parameters During Diagnostic Coronary Catheterization
M. Habibi, N. Kollaros, P. Karyofyllis, I. Mastorakou, V. Voudris

O177 Validation Measurements for the Retrospective Calculation of Eye Lens Doses of Interventional Cardiologists
E. Carinou, P. Askounis, D. Berus, O.Ciraj-Bjelac, I.Clairand, P. Covens, J.Dabin, J.Domienik, J.Farah, J.Jurewicz, R. Padovani, L. Struelens

O178 A MC Study on the Eye Lens Dose Distribution for Medical Staff in Interventional Radiology
A. Zagorska, Kr.Bliznakova, A.Trianni, J.Vassileva

O178b Comparative Patient Organ Dose Levels For Maxillofacial Examinations Performed With Different Radiological Facilities
M. Sans-Merce, J. Damet, M.Becker



Coffee Break


ECMP Welcomes Italy: Current developments in hadrontherapy
Moderators: M. Schwarz, L. Raffaele

Advances in dosimetry for hadrontherapy
L. Raffaele

Organ motion management in scanning ion beams
M. Ciocca

Towards adaptive therapy with heavy charged particles
M. Schwarz

Special Session
Gate: A Monte Carlo Code For Imaging And Dosimetry In Medical Physics

Moderators: M. Bardies, D. Visvikis

Introduction to GATE
M. Bardies

Using GATE for imaging applications
G. Loudos

Using GATE for radiation therapy applications
P. Papadimitroulas

Using GATE for teaching Medical Physics - EduGATE
M. Bardies

On-going GATE developments and how to use and contribute to GATE
D. Visvikis

General discussion

Scientific Session: Radiation Protection in Radiotherapy
Moderators: M.Mazonakis, A. Sarchosoglou

Oral presentations

O211 A Multimodality Network Platform For Oncologic Solution
F. Di Rosa, R. Costa, G. Politi, D. Sardina

O212 Accuracy of the Small Field Dosimetry Using Acuros XB and AAA Dose Calculation Algorithms of Eclipse Treatment Planning System Within and Beyond Heterogeneous Media for Trubeam 2.0 Unit
G. Codel, E. Serin, M.S.Cebe, H. Mabhouti, P. Pacaci, E. Sanli, M. Doyuran, E. Kucukmorkoc, A. Altinok, D. Canoglu, N. Kucuk, H. Acar, H. Caglar

O213 Accuracy of the Small Field Dosimetry Using the Monte Carlo and Sequential Dose Calculation Algorithms of Multiplan Treatment Planning System Within and Beyond Heterogeneous Media for Cyberknife M6 Unit
E. Serin, G. Codel, M.S. Cebe, H. Mabhouti, P. Pacaci, E. Sanli, M. Doyuran, E. Kucukmorkoc, A. Altinok, D. Canoglu, N. Kucuk, H. Acar, H. Caglar

O214 Investigation of the Agfa High Dose Cassette for Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy
I.A. Tsalafoutas, P. Birmbakos, K. Kourinou, P. Georgolopoulou

O215 Cranio-Spinal Irradiation of Pediatric Patients Using Volumetric Modulated ARC Therapy
C. Paraskevopoulou, M. Synodinou, G. Kollias, N. Yakoumakis, E. Koutsouveli, P. Karaiskos, C. Dardoufas

O216 Correction Factors for the IBA Razor Diode for Output Factor Measurements in Perfexion GAMMA Knife System
N. Yakoumakis, G. Kollias, C. Paraskevopoulou, E. Koutsouveli, P. Karaiskos

O217 Monte Carlo Simulation of Different Source Configurations for a New Design of Rotating GAMMA Knife Sytem
G. Mora, O. Chivani, J. Li, C.M. Ma

O218 Secondary Radiation Doses in IMRT Techniques
K. Polaczek-Grelik, J.Derus, A.Giłka, A.Kawa-Iwanicka, M. Stefańczyk

O219 The Dosimetric Comparison of Truebeam and Cyberknife Treatment Planning Systems Dose Calculation Accuracy for Brain SRS Treatment on Randophantom
H. Mabhouti, E. Sanli, M.S. Cebe, G. Codel, P. Pacaci, E. Serin, M. Doyuran, E. Kucukmorkoc, A. Altinok, D. Canoglu, N. Kucuk, H. Acar, H. Caglar


EFOMP Council Dinner (by invitation only)