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Friday, September 2nd 2016


Eugenides Foundation (Main Auditorium)

Metropolitan Hotel (Aegean Sea Ballroom)

Eugenides Foundation (Conference Hall)


Refresher Course: MR Imaging And Radiation Therapy
Moderators: D. Lurie, U. van der Heide

Basic MRI Physics for radiotherapy physicists'
D. Lurie

MRI-guided radiotherapy
U. van der Heide

Scientific Session: Imaging
Moderators: M. Koutelou, M. Brambilla

Invited Talk
Performance evaluation of hardware and software for SPECT cardiac imaging
M. Brambilla

Oral presentations

O092 In Vivo Measurements For Biokinetic And Monte Carlo Simulations Of Absorbed Dose In Paediatric Patients Using Radiopharmaceuticals
J. Costa, P.Teles, R. Parafita, A. Canudo, D. C. Costa, P. Vaz

OO093 A Multicenter Phantom Study On Noise Structure In [F-18] FDG-PET Imaging
R. Matheoud, M. Lecchi, D. Lizio, B. Isiaka, C. Scabbio, L. Vigna, C. Rodella, L. Indovina, M. Brambilla, O. Zoccarato

O094 Extremity Doses Assessment Of Nuclear Medicine Staff Involved In 99MTc-Radiopharmaceuticals Preparation: A Multicentre Study
O. Zoccarato, R. Matheoud, D. Zanni, L. Vigna, R. Campini, S. De Crescenzo, F. Rottoli, M. Brambilla

O095 Calibrations For RA-223 Chloride SPECT Quantitative Imaging
S. Synefia, I. Vamvakas, R. Avgousti, M. Souvatzoglou, G. Limouris, M.Lyra

Scientific Session: Radiation Protection in Interventional Radiology
Moderators: G. Kagadis, A. Stratis

Oral presentations

O104 Patient Radiation Exposure And Influencing Factors At Interventional Cardiology Procedures
K. Andreou, I. Pantos, E. Tzanalaridou, E. Efstathopoulos, D. Katritsis

O105 Reference Levels In Pediatric Interventional Cardiology: Preliminary Results From The Coccinelle Study
S. Dreuil, H Baysson., F. De Zordo-Banliat, A. Teyssonneyre, M.O. Bernier

O106 Measurement Of Conversion Coefficients Beteen Free-In-Air Kerma And Personal Dose Equivalent For RQR Spectra To Be Used In Monitoring Of The Eye Lens In Nterventional Radiology
A. Zagorska, Z. Buchakliev, J. Vassileva

O107 Effectiveness Of Radiation Protective Drape To Reduce Exposure In Fluoroscopically-Guided Interventional Procedures
G. Tamborino, C. Saldarriaga Vargas, J. Dabin, D. Berus, J. Dens, P. Kayaert, J. Maeremans, L. Struelens

O108 Risk Evaluation In Patients Undergoing Coronary Angiographic And Angioplastic Procedures With Radial Access
L. Vigna, D. Lizio, R. Matheoud, B. Cannillo, P.Chiappino, M. Brambilla

O109 Methods To Estimate Fetal Dose From Fluoroscopically Guided Prophylactic Hypogastric Artery Balloon Occlusion (HABO)
G. Solomou, K. Perisinakis, D. Tsetis, J. Stratakis, J. Damilakis


Special Session
Raising awareness of medical physics: The view of International Organizations

Moderator: J. Vassileva

International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP)
S. Tabakov

International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)
R. Padovani

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
H. Delis

Joint EFOMP-EFRS Session
Dose Optimization Strategies: From Concepts To Clinical Practice

Moderators: J. Damilakis, G. Paulo

Introducing the EFRS and translating research into clinical practice
G. Paulo

Establishing and monitoring DRLs
J. Damilakis

Dose Optimization in paediatric patients
V. Syrgiamiotis

Patient dose optimization in fluoroscopically-guided procedures
E. Efstathopoulos

What the clinical staff know and understand
J. Portelli

Dose optimization requires close cooperation between medical pjhysicists and radiographers

Scientific Session: Radiation Protection in Radiotherapy
Moderators: A. Torresin, V. Tsapaki

Oral presentations

O110 Evaluation And Optimization Of Cardiac And Left Anterior Descending Artery DVHs In Radiotherapy Of Left Breast Cancer Patients
T. Stroubinis, M. Tolia, C. Kappas, G. Kyrgias, K. Theodorou

O111 Dosimetric Comparison Of 3D Chemical Dosimeters For Use In Modern RT/SRS Quality Assurance
L. Petrokokkinos, A. Moutsatsos, E.P. Pappas, I. Seimenis, E. Pantelis, P. Karaiskos, P. Papagiannis

O112 Comparison Of Two Film Dosimetry Methods For Dose Verification In Stereotactic Radiosurgery Applications
G. Antorkas, E. Zoros, E. Pantelis, G. Kollias, E. Georgiou, P. Karaiskos

O113 Monte Carlo Determination Of Correction Factors For Dosimetric Measurements In Gamma Knife Perfexion Small Fields
E. Zoros, E.P. Pappas, A. Moutsatsos, E. Pantelis, C. Paraskevopoulou, E. Georgiou, P. Karaiskos

O114 A New Approach In Patient QA: Beam Delivery Check And In-Vivo Dosimetry During Radiotherapy Treatment
C. Talamonti, C. Arilli, L. Marrazzo, S. Calusi, C. Galeotti, Y.Wandel, I. Meattini, S. Scoccianti, S. Pallotta

O115 Development And Validation Of A Software To Evaluate Breathing-Induced Prostate Motion Tracked With Implanted Electromagnetic Transponders
C.M.V. Panaino, T. Giandini, M. Carrara, S. Frasca, B. Avuzzi, S. Morlino, D. Bosetti, N. Bedini, S. Villa, T. Rancati, R. Valdagni, E. Pignoli

O116 Bolus In Optimizing VMAT Breast Treatments
A.F. Monti, M.G. Brambilla, L. Sarno, C. Carbonini, M.B. Ferrari, D. Zanni, F. Rottoli, V. Arienti, A. Torresin

O117 3D Polymer Gel Mri Dosimetry Using A 2D Haste, a 2D TSE and a 2D SE Multi Echo (ME) T2 Relaxometric Sequences: Comparison Of Dosimetric Results
T.G. Maris, E. Pappas, T. Boursianis, G. Kalaitzakis, N. Papanikolaou, L. Watts, M. Mazonakis, J. Damilakis

O118 Implementation Of An Adaptive Radiotherapy Method Using EPID And Gamma Analysis For Head And Neck And Lung Cases
O. Piron, N. Varfalvy, L. Archambault


Coffee Break


Satellite Lecture (sponsored by Bayer Public Limited Company)
Moderator: G. Bourrée

The necessity of dose management systems in radiology and their benefits
M. Wucherer




Scientific Session: Radiation Oncology Physics, QA and Technology
Moderators: C. Marino, P. Platoni

Oral presentations

O076 Validation Of The Performance Of 3-D Detector Arrays For Radiotherapy Verifications
W. Bulski, K. Chełmiński, P. Sobotka

O077 Application Of Failure Mode And Effect Analysis To The Perfexion Gamma Knife Treatment
M. Adili, S. Hasan, B. Mohammed, A. Alhamad

O078 Alternative Regimens For Treating Prostate Cancer Using Equivalent Uniform Dose And Monte Carlo Methods
S. Oliveira, Y. Rosmanets, P. Teles, L. Fernandes, N. Teixeira, P. Vaz

O079 New Quality Control Phantom For Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Using Radiochromic EBT3 Film
L.T. Cunha, P. Pereira, A.G. Dias

O080 A Novel Method For Sub-Millimetric Determination Of Laser-Radiation Isocenter Coincidence By Means Of A Computed Radiography System
M. Benito, A. del Castillo, H. Perez-Garcia, D. Miguel

O081 Effect Of Scattering Angle On Energy Loss Radiography Imaging For Various Proton Energies Relevant In Proton Therapy: A Simulation Study
A. Biegun, J. Takatsu, T. Nakaji, M-J. van Goethem, E.R. van der Graaf, E.N. Koffeman, J. Visser, S. Brandenburg

Joint EFOMP-IAEA Session
Quality Practices In Diagnostic Radiology

Moderators: H. Delis, K. Faulkner

Moving beyond quality control in Diagnostic Radiology
H. Delis

The role of comprehensive clinical audits in Quality Improvement in DR
K. Faulkner

Challenges of implementing QA in Europe
Participants of RER6032 workshop

Scientific Session: Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine
Moderators: M. Bardies, M. Brambilla

Oral presentations

O119 Staff Dose At Different Body Regions And At Different Stages Of 18F-FDG PET/CT Procedures
K. Dalianis, G. Kollias, A. Nikaki, F. Vlachou, R. Efthimiadou, J. Andreou, V. Prassopoulos

O120 Radiation Exposure Comparison Nuclear Medicine Vs PET/CT
K. Dalianis, G. Kollias, T. Pipikos, F. Vlachou, R. Efthimiadou, J. Andreou, V. Prassopoulos

O121 Pediatric Nuclear Medicine Dosimetry: A Monte Carlo Study On S-Value Variability Due To Patient Specific Characteristics
V. Iliadou, P. Papadimitroulas,W. D. Erwin, T. Kostou, G. Loudos, G. C. Kagadi

O122 Scatter Correction For Planar And Spect Imaging With Factor Analysis
P. Knoll, S. Mirzaei, A. Rahmim

O123 A Novel Stereotactic Frame For True Pet Guided Biopsies
J. Cortes-Rodicio, G. Sanchez-Merino, M.A. Garcia-Fidalgo, I. Tobalina Larrea

O124 On A New Mechanism On Γ-Ray Attenuation Strengthened By New Data
E. Adamides, A. Kavadjiklis, S.K. Koutroubas, N. Moshonas, A. Tzedakis


Scientific Session: Radiation Oncology
Moderators: C. Cavedon, K. Zourari

Invited Talk
The impact of external dosimetry verification in radiotherapy
C. Clark

Oral presentations

O082 Hippocampal Sparing Whole Brain Irradiation: Experience In Our Department
P. Dorado Rodriguez, D. Planes Meseguer, R.D. Esposito, L. Fernandez Fornos, S. Miranda Labajos

O083 Definition Of A Threshold For Plan Adaptation In Particle Therapy
Z. Asim, W. Chen, P. Ferreira, P. Naumann, V. Batista

O084 Impact Of Iterative Metal Artifact Reduction On Dose Calculation Accuracy – Phantom Study
M. Maerz, A. Morenz, K. Puerckhauer, O. Koelbl, M. Behr, F. Pohl, B. Dobler

O085 Dosimetric Characterization Of Linac Small Beams Using A Plastic Scintillator Detector: A Multicenter Study
M. Pasquino, M. Stasi, P. Mancosu, S. Russo, E. Villaggi, C. Gasperi, M,. Casale, G. Loi, L. Strigari, R. Miceli, G.H. Raza, D. Fedele, A. Vaiano, M.D. Falco, E. Moretti, F.R. Giglioli, R. Nigro, C. Talamonti, G. Pastore, S. Luxardo, E. Menghi, G. Benecchi, S. Clemente, C. Marino, G. Borzi, B. Nardiello, V. Ardu, L. Paladini, E. Cagni, G. Russo, L. Spiazzi, F. Vittorini

Scientific Session: Nuclear Medicine
Moderator: G. Loudos

Oral presentations

O125 The Impact Of Cell Proliferation And Radionuclide Uptake Rate In Radio-Immunotherapy
M. Šefl, I. Kyriakou, D. Emfietzoglou

O126 “γ-eye”: A Paradigm Shift In Scintigraphic Mouse Imaging
M. Georgiou, P. Papadimitroulas, E. Fysikopoulos, K. Mikropoulos, G. Loudos

O127 Automatic Bone Marrow Segmentation For PETCT Imaging In Multiple Myeloma
P. Leydon, M. O’Connell, D. Greene, K. Curran

O128 Cellular And Subcellular Dosimetry Of Radioisotopes Used For PET Imaging
N. Hocine, L. Faivre, L. Sarda-Mantel

O129 Inversion Of The Attenuated Radon Transform Using Cubic Splines
N. E. Protonotarios, A. S. Fokas, A. Gaitanis, G. A. Kastis

O130 Patient Release Criterion After Iodine-131 Radionuclide Therapy. The Iatropolis Clinic Experience
C. Antypas, L. Sideri, A. Moutsatsos, E. Pantelis, K. Salvara, V. Voliotopoulos


Lunch Break


Scientific Session: Brachytherapy
Moderators: S. Nikoletopoulos, H. Delis

Oral presentations

O086 Comparison Of CO-60 And IR-192 in CT-Based Brachytherapy Treatment Planning For Gynecological Cancers
L. Kowalik

O087 Brachytherapy Treatment Planning For Prostate Cancer With The Use Of The Computed Tomography-Based (CT-Based) Planning Software In Patients After Total Primary Amputation Of The Rectum And Ebrt (External Beam Radiation Therapy) Due To Rectal Cancer
L. Kowalik, J. Lyczek , D. Kazalski, M. Sawicki

O088 Individual Applicator For Brachytherapy For Various Sites Of Superficial Malignant Lesions
L. Kowalik, J. Łyczek, M. Sawicki, D. Kazalski

O089 TPSDose43: A New TG-43 Based Dose Calculation Code For Brachytherapy
G. Yegin, S. Sariaydin

O090 Documentation Of A New Intracavitary Applicator For Transrectal Hyperthermia For Prostate Cancer Cases
A. Nikolakopoulou, C. Armpilia, C. Antypas, E. Karanasiou, R. Avgousti, E. Apostolou, N. Uzunoglou, I. Gogalis, V. Kouloulias

O091 Impact Of MR Geometric Distortion On Brachytherapy In Cervical Cancer
T. Torfeh, R. Hammoud, A. Vasic, S. Paloor, S. Chandramouli, S. Aouadi, P. Petric, N. Al-Hammadi

Scientific Session: Imaging
Moderators: U. Eberlein, S. Holm

Invited Talk
Acquisition protocols for 18F-FDG whole body PET/CT: optimizing scan duration versus administered dose
S. Holm

Oral presentations

O096 Mobile PET Insert For Simultaneous PET/MRI Imaging
M. Zielinski, D. Alfs, T. Bednarski, P. Białas, E. Czerwiński, A. Gajos, B. Głowacz, M. Gorgol, B. Jasińska, D. Kamińska, G. Korcyl, P. Kowalski, T. Kozik,W. Krzemień, E. Kubicz, M. Mohammed, M. Pawlik-Niedźwiecka, S. Niedźwiecki, M. Pałka, L. Raczyński, Z. Rudy, O. Rundel, N.G. Sharma, M. Silarski, A. Strzelecki, A.Wieczorek,W.Wiślicki, M. Zieliński, B. Zgardzińska, P. Moskal

O097 Novel J-PET Scanner Combined With Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy Technique As A Tool For Morphometric Imaging
E. Kubicz, D. Alfs, T. Bednarski, P. Białas, E. Czerwiński, A. Gajos, B. Głowacz, M. Gorgol, B. Jasińska, D. Kamińska, G. Korcyl, P. Kowalski, T. Kozik,W. Krzemień, M. Mohammed, M. Pawlik-Niedźwiecka, S. Niedźwiecki,M. Pałka, L. Raczyński, Z. Rudy, O. Rundel, N.G. Sharma, M. Silarski, A. Strzelecki, AnnaWieczorek,W.Wiślicki, M. Zieliński, B. Zgardzińska, P. Moskal

O098 Hybrid TOF-PET/MRI Local Transceiver Coil
B. Głowacz, D. Alfs, T. Bednarski, P. Białas, E. Czerwiński, A. Gajos, M. Gorgol, B. Jasińska, D. Kamińska, G. Korcyl, P. Kowalski, T. Kozik, W. Krzemień, E. Kubicz, M. Mohammed, M. Pawlik-Niedźwiecka, S. Niedźwiecki,M. Pałka, L. Raczyński, Z. Rudy, O. Rundel, N.G. Sharma, M. Silarski, A. Strzelecki, AnnaWieczorek,W.Wiślicki, M. Zieliński, B. Zgardzińska, P. Moskal

O099 Novel Plastic Scinitllators For The Fully Digital And MRI Compatible J-PET Scanner
A.Wieczorek, D. Alfs, T. Bednarski, P. Białas, E. Czerwiński, A. Gajos, B. Głowacz, M. Gorgol, B. Jasińska, D. Kamińska, G. Korcyl, P. Kowalski, T. Kozik,W. Krzemień, E. Kubicz, M. Mohammed, M. Pawlik-Niedźwiecka, S. Niedźwiecki, M. Pałka, L. Raczyński, Z. Rudy, O. Rundel, N.G. Sharma, M. Silarski, A. Strzelecki,W.Wiślicki, M. Zieliński, B. Zgardzińska, P. Moskal

Scientific Session: Miscellaneous
Moderators: M. Stasi, T. Maris

Oral presentations

O131 Fractional Flow Reserve Derived From Conventional Coronary Angiograms And Computational Fluid Dynamics
I. Pantos, A. Kopanidis, E. Tzanalaridou, A. Theodorakakos, E. Efstathopoulos, D. Katritsis

O132 Regulation Of The Artificial Tanning Sector In Greece
A. Petri, E. Karabetsos

O133 Effects Of Adaptive Response Induced By Low- Dose Ionizing Radiation On Immune System In Spleen Lymphocytes Of BALB/C MICE
M. T. Bahreyni Toossi, Sepideh Abdollahi Dehkordi, Mojtaba Sankian, Hosein Azimian, Maryam Najafi Amiri, Sara Khademi

O134 The Importance Of Color Quality Assurance Of Medical Displays
Ir.W.A. Mahn, Ir. A.A. Becht

O135 HAMP Quality Assurance Protocol Of Hyperthermia Systems
S. Triantopoulou, C. Antypas, P, Karaiskos, C. Armpilia, K. Platoni, V. Kouloulias

O136 Let Quenching Correction In Solid State Dosimeters
G.Gambarini, E. Artuso,G. Camoni,G. Colombo, M. Felisi, A.Gebbia, E.Massari, I. Veronese,D.Giove,M. Carrara, F. d’Errico


Special Session
Education And Training (E&T) In Medical Physics

Moderators: H. Bosmans, C. Caruana

Reducing total E&T time without loss of quality: the E&T model in Malta
C.J. Caruana

Traditional curricular delivery vs the flipped learning approach: the EUTEMPE-RX experience

Developing future Medical Physics leaders: a participant’s perspective on EUTEMPE-RX leadership module MPE01

Scientific Session: Imaging
Moderators: K. Faulkner, R. Padovani

Invited Talk
Radiation dose from Dual Energy CT applications
M. Kalra

Oral presentations

O100 Spectral CT: On The Accuracy Of Concentration And Effective Atomic Number Estimation
A. Papadakis, J. Damilakis

O101 Breast Bismuth Shielding In Coronary CT Angiography: To Shield Or Not To Shield?
K. Perisinakis, A. Tzedakis, A. E. Papadakis, K. Pagonidis, J. Damilakis

O102 The Effect Of Heart Rate And Vessel Angulation On Coronary Artery Stenosis Evaluation From Cardiac CT Angiography
K. Perisinakis, A. E. Papadakis, A. Hatzidakis, J. Damilakis

O103 Evaluation Of Effectives Doses To Patients After Whole Body Computed Tomography
A. Beganović, S. Stabančić, A. Skopljak-Beganović, M. Gazdić-Šantić, R. Jašić, A. Drljević

Scientific Session: Radiation Protection in Radiotherapy
Moderators: C. Talamonti, M. Mazonakis

Oral presentations

O137 Effect Of Shielding On Pelvic And Abdominal Ioert Dose Distributions
A. Esposito, T. Sakellaris, P. Limede, F. Costa, L. T. Cunha, A. G. Dias, J. Lencart, S. Sarmento, C. Carmelo Rosa

O138 Monte-Carlo Dose Computation In Radiotherapy For Lung At Very Low Density
S. Beilla, T. Younes, L. Vieillevigne, M. Bardies, X. Franceries, L. Simon

O139 Experimental Characterization Of The Neutron Spectra Generated By A High-Energy Clinical Linac Using Neutron Activation Metal Detectors
E. Vagena, K. Theodorou, S. Stoulos

O140 EPR Analysis Of Dosimetric Properties Of Various Organic Materials For Radiotherapy Applications
A. Belahmar, M. Mikou, A. Mamadou Saidou, M. Bougteb

O141 Multichannel Film Dosimetry Vs 2D-Array Seven29 For VMAT Lung SBRT
J.F. Mata-Colodro, A. Serna, V. Puchades-Puchades, D. Ramos-Amores, J.A. Vera-Sanchez, M. Alcaraz-Banos

O142 Dosimetric Evaluation Of The Dose Calculation Accuracy Of Different Algorithms For Two Different Treatment Techniques During Whole Breast Irradiation
P. Pacaci, M.S. Cebe, H. Mabhouti, G. Codel, E. Serin, E. Sanli, M. Doyuran, E. Kucukmorkoc, A. Altinok, D. Canoglu, N. Kucuk, H. Acar, H. Caglar


Coffee Break


ECMP Welcomes Italy: Advanced Techniques In Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy
Moderators: C. Cavedon, S. Russo

Technical developments in high precision radiotherapy
C. Cavedon

Small beam dosimetry: a multi-center multi-detector italian project
C. Talamonti

Multi-institutional national study for planning comparison on different anatomical sites
C. Marino

Joint EFOMP-IAEA Session: Patient Safety In Paediatric Imaging
Moderators: J.Vassileva, J. Damilakis

Radiation protection of children – from standards to practice
J. Vassileva

Unborn children: Radiation protection in pregnancy
J. Damilakis

Optimization of paediatric CT
M. Kalra

Selected talks from the accepted abstracts of the countries participating in the IAEA projects

Size specific dose estimates in pediatric chest, abdomen and pelvis CT examinations
A. Yurt, I. Ozsoykal, K. Akgungor K., Turkey

The establishment of local diagnostic reference levels for pediatric CT
B. Griciene, M. Petkelyte, A. Neverauskiene, L. Petkevičius, Lithuania

Estimating patient dose and radiology practice from interventional cardiology procedures in the paediatric cardiology department in Bulgaria
D. Kostova-Lefterova, Bulgaria

Discussion: The Role Of Medical Physicists In Dose Management For Children
Panelists: J. Vassileva, J. Damilakis, M. Kalra

Scientific Session: Magnetic Resonance
Moderators: I. Tsougos, T. Maris

Oral presentations

O143 Simultaneous Measurement Of Iron Concentration And Fat Infiltration In The Liver With A Single- Breathhold 16-ECHO Gradient ECHO Sequence
E.D. Gotsis, D.E. Gotsis, P. Karaiskos, I. Seimenis

O144 In Vivo Proton MR Spectroscopy Of Gliomatosis Cerebri: Diagnosis And Exploration Of Tumor Metabolism
E.D. Gotsis, D.S. Gkotsi, G. Pissakas, I. Seimenis

O145 Treatment Plan Verification In MRGFUS For Bone Metastasis Pain Palliation
Bianchini D., Marcocci F., Menghi E., D’Errico V., Mezzenga E., Sarnelli A.

O146 A Method For Fast 3D Imaging Of Contrast Enhanced Vessels Or Catheters Using Magnetic Resonance Projections
M. Unan, I. Seimenis, A.G.Webb, N.V. Tsekos

O147 Assessment Of Total Geometric Distortion In MR Images Used In Intracranial Stereotactic Radiosurgery
M. Alshanqity, E. P. Pappas, P. Karaiskos, A. Moutsatsos, K. Alsafi, H. Lababidi, E. Georgiou

O148 Feasibility Of Fat Fraction Quantification By Measuring J-Coupling Related Signal Modulation In Multi ECHO Fast Spin ECHO Sequences
K. Nikiforaki, T. Boursianis, G.C. Manikis, K. Marias, A. Karantanas, T.G. Maris

O149 Preliminary Study For Non-Invasive Magnetic Resonance Imaging And Spectroscopy Of The Eye: A Novel Technique For Monitoring Pharmacokinetics Of Ocular Drug Delivery
I. Tsiapa, T. Boursianis, G. Kalaitzakis, K. Nikiforaki, E. Papadaki, G. Bontzos, A. H. Karantanas, M. K. Tsilimbaris, T. G.Maris

O150 High Resolution 3D MRI Protocol Optimization Of Corneal Neovascularization In Rabbits
I. Tsiapa, T. Boursianis, E. Papadaki, A. H. Karantanas, P. Bouziotis, M K. Tsilimbaris, T. G. Maris

O151 Whole Brain White Matter Integrity Measures On Patients With Moderate To Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). FA And Entropy Analysis
C .Yiannakkaras, N. Konstantinou, E. Pettemeridou, F. Constantinidou, E. Eracleous, S. S. Papacostas, I. Seimenis


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