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Sunday, September 4th 2016


Eugenides Foundation (Main Auditorium)

Metropolitan Hotel (Aegean Sea Ballroom)

Eugenides Foundation (Conference Hall)


Refresher Course: Physics, technology and safety of medical lasers
Moderator: P. Sharp

Invited Talk
Basic Physics and Technology of Medical Lasers
M. Manivannan

Invited Talk
Quality and Safety Management
M. Manivannan

Joint EFOMP-MEFOMP Session
Quality Control in mammography and Computed Tomography

Moderators: I. Duhaini, V. Tsapaki

Quality Control Program of X-ray Mammography
N. Iqeilan

Quality Control in Computed Tomography
V. Tsapaki



Joint EFOMP-ESTRO Session
Issues In The Use Of Advanced Nuclear Medicine Techniques For Radiotherapy Applications

Moderator: C. Clark

Issues in accurate PET for target delineation in radiotherapy
R. Matheoud

Patient-specific dosimetry in molecular radiotherapy: Why and how?
M. Bardies

Use of PET imaging for functional changes and follow up in radiotherapy
E. Malinen

Refresher Course: Radiation incidents and accidents in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology. What to Do Next?
Moderator: P. Russo

M. Mahesh

Interventional Radiology
V. Tsapaki

Pregnant patients
J. Damilakis

Scientific Session: Radiation Protection in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
Moderators: K. Perisinakis, T. Makri

Oral presentations

O234 Radiation Risk of Cancer From Medical Imaging in End Stage Kidney Disease Patients: Italian Nationwide Survey
L. Vigna, D. Lizio, M. Brambilla, A. De Mauri, C. Zoccali0, M.Postorino

O235 Comparison of the Dosimetric Response of 4- ELEMENT BeOSL and TLD-100 Passive Personal Dosimeters
L. Oliver, C. Candela, J.D. Palma, M.C. Pujades, A. Soriano, J. Alabau, J. Martínez, V. Mestre, J.C. Ruiz, J. Vilar, N. Llorca

O236 Implementation of the EFOMP Protocol for Quality Control in Digital Mammography in a Multi- Hospital/Vendor Context
A.Savini, F. Bartolucci, C. Fidanza, F. Rosica, F. Capone, G. Orlandi

O237 Uncertainty Estimation of Population Doses from Medical Procedures
C.J. Hourdakis, S. Vogiatzi, S. Economides, M. Nikolaou,K. Karfopoulos, V. Kamenopoulou

O238 Medical Radiation Exposure of the Greek Population
M. Nikolaou, S. Vogiatzi, M. Kalathaki, G. Simantirakis, C. Koukorava, S. Economides, C.J. Hourdakis, V. Kamenopoulou

O239 Cone Beam CT Radiation Dose in Dental Implant Surgery
N. Stefanopoulou, N. Fotos, V. Tsapaki, G. Kouratiadis, N. Krompas

O240 Quality Controls for CBCT Devices: the EFOMP Guideline for Quality Assurance Of Images And Dose
H. de las Heras, O. Rampado, J. Andersson, I. Hernandez Giron, M. Nilsson, A. Dasu, J. Holroyd, C. Theodorakou, A. Torresin

O241 Optimization of Head Radiographic Examination Protocols in Pediatric Patients
M. Atsalaki, G. Solomou, A.E. Papadakis, J. Damilakis

O242 Lessons Learned from Radiation Dose Index Monitoring System Implementations: Challenges and Outcomes
C.Lafay, D. Thery, F. Zanca


Coffee Break


Satellite Lecture (sponsored by AG Medical)
Moderator: P. Shabestary

Relevance of patient-specific dosimetry formolecular radiotherapy
M. Bardies




Scientific Session: Radiation Oncology
Moderator: K. Theodorou

Invited Talk
Nanoparticles for radiation therapy enhancement
K. Theodorou

Oral Presentations

O220 Verification Of Treatment Plans for Skin Cancer in Brachytherapy With the Use of TLD Technique
B. Kozłowska, M.Paluch-Ferszt, M. Dybek

O221 Forward Planning or Inverse Planning? In Medio Stat Virtus
D. Planes Meseguer, R.D. Esposito, P. Dorado Rodríguez

O222 Radiotherapy in Patients With Pacemakers and Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators: What is Next?
Guadalupe Martín Martín, Elena Moreno Merino, M Nieves Estival Ortega, Rocío Bermúdez Luna, Alfonso Lopez

O223 A Method for Assessing the Dosimetric Consistency of Single Phase 4DCT Dose Accumulation Based on Deforming Image Registration
Fl. E. Nelli, J. R.Harwood

Scientific Session: Imaging
Moderators: N. Iqeilan, E. Dimovassili

Invited Talk
X-ray CT dedicated to the breast
P. Russo

Oral Presentations

O227 Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Dose and Image Quality Characterization
K. Fezzani, J. Sage, I. Fitton, L. Hadid, A. Moussier, N. Pierrat, A. Martineau, C. Etard

O228 GEANT4 Calculation of Normalized Glandular Dose Coefficients in Computed Tomography Dedicated to the Breast
A. Sarno, G. Mettivier, Fr. Di Lillo, P. Russo

O229 Phase-Contrast Digital Breast Tomosynthesis VS Phase-Contrast Breast CT: An Image Quality Phantom Study With Synchrotron Radiation
G.Mettivier, Kr. Bliznakova, I.Buliev, Fr.Di Lillo, A. Sarno, P. Russo

O230 Contrast and Depth Resolution of Breast Lessions in a Digital Breast Tomosynthesis System
A.E. Petropoulos, Sp.G. Skiadopoulos, G.A.T. Messaris, A. N. Karahaliou, L.I. Costaridou

Scientific Session: Miscellaneous
Moderators: M. Manivannan, G. Solomou

Oral presentations

O243 The Potential Use of a Wearable Device to Monitor Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure in Clinical Staff
G. Hart, D. Rawlings

O244 Numerical Evaluation Of Offers For Medical Radiological Equipment
B. Casar

O245 ADC Histogram Analysis for Predicitng Highly Aggressive Breast Carcinomas
M.I. Tsarouchi, A.N. Karahaliou, K. G. Vassiou, S.G. Skiadopoulos, L.I. Costaridou

O246 Exploiting an Advanced DTI Segmentation Technique Towards Differentiation of GBM AND MET
A.Vamvakas, I.Tsougos, N. Arikidis, E. Kapsalaki, I. Fezoulidis, L.Costaridou

O247 Education and Training for Radiation Protection Experts Working in the Medical Field
St.Evans, St.Christofides, C.Lewis, V.Tsapaki

O248 Improvement of An Objective Model of Compressed Breasts Undergoing Mammography
A. Rodríguez-Ruiz, S.S.J. Feng, J.R. Mann, C.J. D’Orsi, I. Sechopoulos


Scientific Session: Miscellaneous
Moderators: A. Torresin, G. Panayiotakis

Invited Talk
Automated analysis of ophthalmological images for early signs of diabetic retinopathy
P. Sharp

Oral Presentations

O224 Can Automated Analysis of Sequential Retinal Images of People Attending Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Predict Future Referral to Ophthalmology?
S.Philip, A. Ahmed, G. Prescott, R. Staff, P. Sharp, J. Xu, J.Olson

O225 Detailed Measurements of Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation of the Population of Neapoli-Sykies Area
Ch.Koulouris, Chr. Athanasopoulou, St. Chantzi, N. Servitzoglou, A. Siountas

O226 Occupational Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields – The Situation In Greece
G. Gourzoulidis, P. Tsaprouni, N. Skamnakis, C. Tzoumanika, E. Karastergios, A. Gialofas, E. Kalampaliki, A. Achtipis, C. Kappas, T.G. Maris, E. Karabetsos

Scientific Session: Imaging
Moderators: K. Perisinakis, J. Isidoro

Invited Talk
Dual energy CT: Physics and applications
K. Perisinakis

Oral Presentations

O231 Survey Of CT Practice in Sudan: Updates on Radiation Exposure and Setting National Diagnostic Reference Levels
I.I. Suliman, M. Mohamed, S. Ahmed, I. Osman, N Ahmed

O232 Radiation Dose Comparison Between V/P-SPECT and CT-Angiography in the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism
J. Isidoro, P. Gil, G. Costa, J. Pedroso Lima, F. Caseiro Alves, N.C. Ferreira

O233 Clinical Application of a CT Dose Reduction Simulator
A. Serna, M.A. Chans, A. Ramos, D. Ramos.



Closing Ceremony
Awards for Best Proffered Papers