ECMP2016 will be held at Eugenides Foundation, Athens, Greece.

Eugenides Foundation Auditorium

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Eugenides Foundation

The Eugenides Foundation is an independent, private, non profit foundation with a mission to enhance scientific, technological and technical education of the Greek youth and to promote science and technology to the general public. It was established in 1956, in accordance with the provisions of the will left by our national benefactor Eugene Eugenides.

Fifty years after the Eugenides Foundation was established, this new vision has become a reality. In a learning environment built to the highest specifications, the Eugenides Foundation welcomes the future through a number of educational and recreational activities with a view to promoting and disseminating science and technology to the Greek people.

Eugenides Foundation

Nowadays, the Eugenides Foundation is an internationally acknowledged technological and educational multi-center. The function of the fully renovated Eugenides Foundation is based on the following main activities:

  • The New Digital Planetarium, one of the largest and best equipped digital planetarium in the world, presenting digital shows and large-format films.
  • A state-of-the-art Interactive Exhibition of Science and Technology.
  • New publishing activities in the fields of maritime, vocational and technical education.
  • A library, with multimedia applications and distance learning technology.
  • Expanded educational activities and collaborations.
  • A modern convention centre.
  • A U-tech lab

Conference Facilities

With the complete renovation of its facilities, over the past ten years the Eugenides Foundation has established a dynamic presence among Greek and international providers of high-quality convention services.

Every year dozens of Greek and international conferences and meetings are held in the Foundation’s facilities, which welcome some of the most prominent figures of the world’s cultural, intellectual, and scientific communities.

The fully equipped facilities, complemented by a complete range of conference services, ensure successful staging of professional conferences, meetings, and events to the most demanding standards. In a special environment distinguished by the elegance and simplicity of its architectural style, the extensive experience of the Eugenides Foundation in conference hosting services, but also its superbly trained staff, guarantee the success and prestige of every event, in an environment of authentic hospitality.

The New Digital Planetarium

On the 3rd of November 2013, the New Digital Planetarium celebrated its 10th Anniversary. Having already produced 21 digital planetarium shows and an equal number of Study Guides and having so far attracted an estimated 3,500,000 visitors, The main mission of the New Digital Planetarium is to communicate the achievements in science and technology to the wider public, to inspire its visitors by demonstrating the nature of scientific inquiry and to cultivate their sense of curiosity and wonder about the natural world.

Interactive Science and Technology Exhibition

The Interactive Science and Technology Exhibition is a unique destination that combines learning and entertainment for adults and children of age 9 years.

It comprises 65 interactive exhibits, spread over an area of 1200 m2 and grouped in three distinct sections, one per floor, with the following subjects: "Matter and Materials", "Communication: Sound and Image" and "Biotechnology". The Exhibition is interdisciplinary and presents both basic scientific concepts and recent technological developments.

The exhibition offers an alternative, experimental and entertaining, approach to science and technology learning, complementing the traditional methods used at school.

The Publishing Department

The Publishing Department is the oldest department of the Eugenides Foundation. Its first book, Mathematics for the Skilled Workman, was published in 1957. Since then the Publishing Department of the Eugenides Foundation has written and published 498 books (in 13 Series) in approximately 45.000.000 copies. Nowadays most of the Foundation’s educational textbooks are distributed to the students of Merchant Marine Academies and to technical and vocational schools. The whole process of writing and publishing the books is being supervised by a Publications Committee in close collaboration with the Ministry of Mercantile Marine and the Ministry of Education. Apart from writing and publishing educational textbooks, the Publishing Department organizes conferences on technical and maritime education, in a constant effort to contribute to the technical education in Greece.

The Eugenides Foundation Library

The Eugenides Foundation Library has been operating since 1966 as an open-access and lending library, specializing in the areas of science and technology. It is expanded on a total surface area of 1100 m2 with collections of printed and digital material covering great many subject areas, apart from science and technology, such as Greek Literature and History, Environmental and Educational issues, Management, Marketing and Philosophy.

The Library offers a comfortable and pleasant study environment, used by more than 40.000 visitors (schoolchildren, students, teachers, scientists, professional business people) each year. Furthermore, in an attempt to ensure equal access for people with a disability to all information in printed and electronic format, and to ensure that everyone feels welcome, our Library has acquired a range of accessibility products, and has proceeded to install two special work stations. These work stations and their technology allow persons with a disability to use computers and access the collections of the Library and the internet.

In addition to the above, the Library has launched a series of events and educational programs, including presentations of scientific books for adults and for kids, meetings with scientists, information literacy seminars, book clubs and introductory courses in computers. All the programs are designed to make the general public more aware of certain scientific subject areas and technological innovations.

U Tech Lab

U Tech Lab is a new space in the Eugenides Foundation, where young people can learn about and experiment with innovative technologies. It is equipped with computers, iPads, 3D printer, sound studio, green screen, photo and video cameras, various software etc..

Visitors can attend workshops or speed their time experimenting with Multimedia and Robotics.

The target audience is the general public and secondary education students. Participation is free.

Four opening hours please visit our web site: