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Thursday, September 1st 2016


Eugenides Foundation (Main Auditorium)

Metropolitan Hotel (Aegean Sea Ballroom)

Eugenides Foundation (Conference Hall)


Scientific Session : Radiation Oncology Physics and Technology
Moderators: P. Kukolowicz, K. Theodorou

Oral Presentations

O001 Maxima – A Horizon2020 Project For Increasing The Research And Innovation Capacity of EU Universities In The Field Of Breast Cancer Modelling
K.Bliznakova, H. Bosmans, G. Mettivier, P.Russo

O002 Patient Daily Treatment Verification Using MlC Log Files
D. Defoor, N. Papanikolaou, S. Stathakis

O003 Evaluation Of Two Detector Arrays For VMAT Pre-Treatment Quality Assurance S. Russo, A. Bruschi, M. Esposito, S. Pini,
A. Ghirelli, S. Mazzocchi, P. Bastiani, G. Zatelli

O004 DIBH Tecnique Guided By An Optical System In Left Breast Irradiation S. Russo, F. Rossi, L. Paoletti, R. Barca, S. Fondelli, P. Alpi, B. Grilli, M. Esposito, S. Pini,
A. Ghirelli, L. Cunti, L. Isgrò, P. Bastiani

O005 Dependence Of Tissue Inhomogeneity Correction Factors On Nominal Photon Beam Energy
M. Akhtaruzzaman, P. Kukolowicz

O006 Weight Loss Influence In Head And Neck VMAT Treatments V.Puchades-Puchades, A. Serna-Berná,
J.F. Mata-Colodro, D. Ramos-Amores

O007 DVH Comparison Between Forward Imrt, Inverse IMRT & RapidArc® For Patients With Left Sided Breast Cancer After Lumpectomy
P. Zaverdinos, Aik. Konidari, S. Diamantopoulos, I. Kantemiris, J.C.A. Dimopoulos

O008 Time-Dependent Dose-Response Relation For Absence Of Vaginal Elasticity After Gynecological Radiation Therapy
E. Alevronta, E. Avall-Lundqvist, M. al-Abany, T. Nyberg, H. Lind, A.-C.Waldenstrom, C. Olsson, G. Dunberger, K. Bergmark, G. Steineck, B. K. Lind

O009 Dosimetric Characterization Of A Commercial 2-D Scintillation Detector For Quality Assurance Tests In Scanned Proton And Carbon ION Beams
S. Russo, D. Boi, A. Mirandola, S. Molinelli, A. Mairani, E. Mastella, G. Magro, S. Giordanengo, M. Ciocca

Refresher Course: MRI: Quality Assurance
Moderators: I. Tsougos, A. Webb

Basic quality control in MRI
T.G. Maris

High Field MRI: What Are the Special Safety Risks at Higher Fields?
P. de Bruin

Quality assurance in quantitative MRI
I. Seimenis

Quality assurance in MRI for radiotherapy planning
N. Papanikolaou

Scientific Session: Brachytherapy and Radionuclide Therapy
Moderators: M. Bardies, G. Borasi

Oral Presentations

O033 INTRA-VOXEL Heterogeneity And Its Effect On 3D Brachytherapy Dose Distributions
G. Yegin, I. Kalp

O034 Clinical Application Of MOSkin Dosimeters To Rectal Wall In Vivo Doismetry In Gynecological And Prostate HDR Brachytherapy
M. Carrara, D. Mazzeo, A. Romanyukha, C. Tenconi, A. Cerrotta, M. Borroni, D. Cutajar, M. Petasecca, M. Lerch, J. Bucci, C. Fallai, G. Gambarini, A. Rosenfeld, E. Pignoli

O035 On The Dosimetric Effect Of Heterogeneities And Finite Patient Dimensions On 60Co HDR Brachytherapy
K. Zourari, I. Fotina, E. Pantelis, P. Papagiannis

O036 On The Use Of Time Resolved Dose Rate Distributions In Brachytherapy
V. Peppa, E. Pappas, P. Karaiskos, P. Papagiannis

O037 Testing MBDCA Performance In 192Ir HDR Brachytherapy For Lip Carcinoma
V. Peppa, E. Pantelis, T.Major, I. Skampardoni, P. Papagiannis

O038 Statistical Bayesian Analysis Of The Brachytherapy Source Position
A. Serna, P. Parrado

O039 Development of a Three Dimensional Printed MRI Compatible Template For High Dose Rate Prostate Brachytherapy Implants
S. Diamantopoulos, P. Zaverdinos

O040 Cost-Effect And Ethical Reasoning In Radionuclide Therapy Dosimetry Under The New EU BSS
J.A.M. Santos

O041 Radioiodine Therapy After Recombinant Human TSH Administration Or Hormone Withdrawal: Is There A Difference in I-131 Effective Half-Life?
K. Perisinakis, C.Donas, A. Dimitraki, J. Damilakis


Coffee Break


Scientific Session: Radiation Oncology
Moderator: L. Strigari

Invited Talk
Small scale radiopharmaceutical dosimetry
M. Bardies

Oral presentations

O010 Decission Of Treatment With Iodine-131 Of One Patient Previously Irradiated With Radiotherapy
J. M. Jimenez, R. Garcia, A. seguro, G. Ruiz

O011 Previsional Dosimetry in 99mTc-MAA SPECT-TC Images For Liver Radioembolization With 90y Microspheres: Influence of Iterative and FBP Reconstruction Algorithms On Dose Calculation
E. Richetta, L. Radici, M. Pasquino, C. Cutaia, S. Valzano, M. Menga, R.E. Pellerito, M. Stasi

O012 Dosimetry Of Lesions In Radioiodine Therapy Of Metastatic Throid Cancer: SPECT-TC Calibration, Verification and Preliminary Patient Results
E. Richetta, L. Radici, C. Cutaia, S. Valzano, G. Lo Moro, M. Pasquino, R.E. Pellerito, M. Stasi

O013 Optimization Of Activity And Absorbed Doses Calculation To Target/Tumor And Normal Liver Volumes In Patients Submitted To Yttrium-90 Radioembolization With Glass Microspheres
P. Ferreira, R. Parafita, A. Canudo, C. Oliveira, L. Rosa, P. Girão, Durval C. Costa

Refresher Course: MRI: Safety
Moderators: N.Papanikolaou, P. de Bruin

Risks related to static magnetic fields
L. Hanson

Risks related to gradient fields
L. Tsougos

Risks related to RF fields
A. Webb

European legal framework for safety and quality assurance in MRI
A. Torresin


Scientific Session: Radiation Protection in Diagnostic Radiology
Moderators: E. Efstathopoulos, T. de Bondt

Oral Presentations

O042 Does Clinical Indication Play A Role In Ct Radiation Dose In Pediatric Patients?
V. Tsapaki, S. Triantopoulou

O043 Head CBCT Vs Head Msct Imaging; Comparing Organ Doses And Radiation Risks For A Cohort Of Orthognathic Patients
A. Stratis, G. Zhang, R. Jacobs, R. Bogaerts, C. Politis, E. Shaheen, H. Bosmans

O044 Low Contrast Quality Assesment In CT: Human And Model Observer Comparison
M. Biondi, A. La Penna, E. Vanzi, L. N. Mazzoni, G. De Otto, G. M. Belmonte, E. Foderà, R. Martini, G. Imbriaco, F. S. Carbone, A. Guasti, L. Volterrani, F. Banci Buonamic

O045 Dental Hybrid Cone Beam CT Effective And Organ Doses
A. Loria, C.R.Gigliotti, M.Branchini, F. De Cobelli, M. Del Maschio, A. del Vecchio

O046 Diagnostic Reference Levels In Dutch Clinical Practice
H. Bijwaard, D. Valk, I. de Waard-Schalkx

O047 Multi Hospital Experiences In The Use Of RDIM Softwares to Optimize Radiological Procedures In Computed Tomography, Mammography and Interventional Radiology
S. Pini, S. Mazzocchi, A. Ghirelli, E. Rigacci, M. Esposito, S. Russo, G. Zatelli


Scientific Session: Radiation Protection in Radiation Oncology
Moderators: K. Kappas, M. Brambilla

Oral presentations

O014 Skin Dose Evaluation For 3DCRT And Vmat Breast Cancer Techniques
A.G. Dias, D. Pinto, F. Borges, J. Lencart

O015 Prostate SBRT: The Use Of ERB And Mosfet In Vivo Dosimetry Feasibility
A.G. Dias, L.T. Cunha, A. Oliveira, J.A.M. Santos, J. Lencart

O016 Characterization Of The Exradin A26 Microchamber For Small Field Dosimetry
M. Pasquino, C. Cutaia, L. Radici, E. Gino, M. Stasi

O017 Correlation Between Bladder Volume And Bowel Radiation Dose For Rectum Cancer Patients
L. Andersson, C. F. Behrens, D. Sjostrom

O018 A New Robust Statistical Method For Treatment Planning Systems Validation Using Experimental Designs
S. Dufreneix, K. Briand, C. Di Bartolo, C. Legrand, M. Bremaud, J. Mesgouez, T. Tiplica, D. Autret

O019 Carbon And Oxigen Minibeam Radiation Therapy: A Monte Carlo Dosimetry Study
W. Gonzalez, C .Peucelle, Y. Prezado

Scientific Session: Radiation Protection in Diagnostic Radiology
Moderator: V. Tsapaki

Oral Presentations

O048 Staff Doses In Fluoroscopically Guided Invasive Diagnostic and Interventional Urology Procedures
D. Ivanova, A. Zagorska, S. Avramova-Cholakova, K. Bliznakova, Ts. Deyanova, R. Dobrikov, J. Hristova-Popova, D. Kostova-Lefterova

O049 Diagnostic Reference Levels Of Intraoral Dental Radiography In The Public Hospitals Of Cyprus
S. Christofides, E. Pitri, M. Lampaskis, C. Papaefstathiou

O050 Determination Of Size Specific Conversion Factors To Effective Dose Using TLD Dosimeters In Anthropomorphic Phantoms
S. Tanabasidis, S. Kordolaimi, E.Efstathopoulos, E. Carinou, I. Seimenis

O051 A Regional Solution For Patient Radiological Dose Management
E.A. Garcia-Angosto, A. Serna, A.J. Garcia-Sanchez, F. Garcia-Sanchez, D.Ramos

O052 Understanding Workflow In A Radiology Department By Creative Use Of A Dose- Management Software Solution
T. De Bondt, F. Zanca, De Roeck J., L. Brouhon, M. Geldof, F. Deferme, P. Parizel

O053 Population Dose And Frequency Of Procedures In Medical Exposure In Sudan
Nada A. Ahmed, S.M. Abubaker, I.I. Suliman


Lunch Break


Scientific Session: Radiation Oncology
Moderators: S. Nikoletopoulos, L. Strigari

Invited Talk
Individualization in radiotherapy: where we are and where to go?
P. Kukolowicz

Oral presentations

O021 What Dose Distribution Metrics In The PTV is Close to The Generalized Equivalent Uniform Dose?
M. Mrozowska, P. Kukołowicz

O022 A New Optical System For Quality Control And Patients Positioning In Radiation Therapy
P. Kukołowicz, A.Walewska, A. Smigielski, M. Dyrek

O023 New Variance Reduction Techniques For MCNP6 For External Radiation Therapy Calculations
I. Papp, G. Stelczer, C. Pesznyak, M. Szieberth, S. Czifrus

Scientific Session: Imaging
Moderators: P. Prassopoulos, H. Bosmans

Invited Talk
Dose optimization in cardiac CT
M. Kalra

Oral presentations

O030 In Vivo Dosimetry For Head CT Examinations In Paediatric Patients
I. Stathopoulos, A. Ploussi, V. Syrgiamiotis, T. Makri, C. Hatzigiorgi, E. Carinou, G. Sakellaropoulos, G. S. Panayiotakis, E. P. Efstathopoulos

O031 Evaluation Of Model Based Iterative Reconstruction IMR In Computed Tomography
N. Paruccini, C. Pasquali, R. Villa, C. Spadavecchia, A. Baglivi, A. Radice, A. Crespi

O032 Paediatric Multi Detector Computed Tomography RadiationDoses In A Dedicated Paediatric Hospital In Greece
D. Akrividou, G. Douskas, A. Stratigopoulou, N. Evlogias, V. Tsapaki

Scientific Session: Miscellaneous
Moderator: L Hanson

Oral Presentations

O054 The Effects Of Electromagnetic Fields On Human Health
I. Duhaini

O055 The Medical Physicist And Advanced Technology In The Field Of Science And Medicine
I. Duhaini

O056 Bio-Acoustic Levitational Assembly Of Heterocellular 3D Constructs: 3D Model Establishment For Cells Radiation Effect Studies In 3D Microenvironment
C. Bouyer, P. Chen, T. J.N. Nieland, U. Demirci, F. Padilla

O057 The Impact Of Temperature Dependent Electrical Conductivity In Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment Planning
I. Saroglou, T. Samaras

O058 Minimally Invasive Ingestible Device To Perform Anti- Bacterial Phototherapy In The Stomach
G. Romano, G. Tortora, S. Calusi, B. Orsini, A. Gnerucci, F. Fusi

O059 Nexodosetm, An Useful Tool To Monitor And Optimize CT Exposures
M. Sutto, A. Maldera, P. E. Colombo, A. Torresin


Scientific Session: Radiation Oncology Physics, QA and Technology
Moderators: P. Kukolowicz, K. Theodorou

Oral presentations

O024 The Repeatability Of The Scanner In Radiochromic Film Dosimetry
M. Ignasi, S. Zeljko, H. Rihard, J. Aljasa, C. Bozidar

O025 Dosimetry For Low Energy Protons With Ionization Chambers And EBT3 Films In The Bragg Peak Region
M.C. Battaglia, D. Schardt, J. Espino, M. Gallardo, M.A. Cortés-Giraldo, J.M. Quesada, A.M. Lallena, H. Miras, D. Guirado

O026 A Simple PMMA Phantom For Daily QA Energy Checks In Proton Therapy
N. Bizzocchi, F. Fracchiolla, M. Schwarz

O027 Evolution Of FreeBreathing Using The SDX System in 4D-CT With The Siemens Somatom Scanner For Stereotaxic Lung Treatment With VMAT SBRT (X6 FFF)
D. Julian, P. A. Daviau

O028 Preliminary Investigations On The Use Of MRI For Decision Making In Adaptive Proton Radiotherapy For Head And Neck Cancer
F. Giesen, L. Bondar, B. Macq

O029 Primo Software As A Tool For Monte Carlo Simulations Of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy: A Feasibility Study
A. Esposito, S. Silva, L. T. Cunha, A. G.Dias, D. Pimparel, S. Gutierrez, S. Dias, J. Lencart, J. A. M. Santos

Presentation of the Medal award
J. Damilakis

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound: physical principles and clinical applications
G. Borasi

Scientific Session: Diagnostic Radiology Physics and Technology
Moderators: S. Tabakov, E. Koutsouveli

Oral Presentations

O060 Small Field Relative Dosimetry Using A Silicon Diode Of New Generation
C. Talamonti, M.D. Falco, A. Bartoli, S. Russo, C. Iervolino, E. Menghi, E. Moretti, E. Mones, C. Fiandra, M. Casale, G. Pastore, C. Oliviero, E. DiCastro, S. Luxardo, A. Vaiano, G.H. Raza, G. Borzi, C. Carbonini, R. Consorti, M.C. Pressello, C. Gasperi, L. Barone Tonghi, F. Palleri, C. Marino, V. Ardu, S. Linsalata, S. Riccardi, F. Vittorini, L. Spiazzi, F. Rosica, C. Iervolino, E. Villaggi, P. Mancosu

O061 Comparison Of Two Psychometric Functions In Analyzing 4-AFC Detection Results Using A Task- Based Structured Phantom For Digital Mammography
K. TriWigati, L. Cockmartin, N.W. Marshall, D. S. Soejoko, H. Bosmans

O062 Low Contrast Detectability Assessment With Homemade Software And Dedicated Phantom: Evaluation Of Results And Comparison With CDMAM Analysis
R. Villa, N. Paruccini, C. Pasquali, C. Spadavecchia, A. Baglivi, A. Radice, A. Cresp

O063 A Statistical Method For Low-Contrast Detectability Analysis In Angiography Systems
A. Radice, N. Paruccini, C. Spadavecchia, R. Villa, A. Baglivi, A. Crespi

O064 Comparison Among Iterative Reconstruction Techniques For Phase-Sensitive Breast Tomography
L. Fardin, P. Oliva, B. Golosio, F. Brun, L. Rigon, R. Longo

O065 Automatised Detection Of Microcalcification In Mammography
A. Fanizzi, S. Tangaro, R. Bellotti, T.M.A. Basile, U. Bottigli, L. Losurdo, R. Massafra, P. Tamborra, V. Didonna, D. La Forgia

O066 Further Results On The Evaluation Of The Performance Of A Digital Breast Tomosynthesis System In The Clinical Environment
A. Rodríguez-Ruiz, M. Castillo, J. Garayoa, M. Chevalier


Coffee Break



Invited Talk
WW1. Radiology on the Balkan Front
G. Livadas



ECMP Welcomes Italy The Italian Group Of Dosimetry In Radiometabolic Therapy: State Of The Art And Future Prospective
Moderators: M. Stasi, C. Antypas, R. Matheoud

The individualized dosimetry in the radioembolization of hepatocarcinoma with 90Y-microspheres
C. Chiesa

Bone metastases dosimetry for 223Ra-dichloride: an Italian multicenter study
M. Pacilio, S. Camillo Forlanini

The advantage of combined treatments: alpha-emitters radiopharmaceutical and external beam radio-therapy
L. Strigari

Joint EFOMP-ESR Session A Multi-Stakeholder Approach To Medical Radiation Protection
Moderators: P. Sharp, P. Prassopoulos

An overview of ESR experience, with a focus on EuroSafe Imaging
G. Frija

An overview of EFOMP experience, with a focus on EuroSafe Imaging
J. Damilakis

EURAMED: European Alliance for Medical Radiation Protection Research
L. Donoso

Structured dose reporting
P. Mildenberger

Towards benchmarking paediatric cranial CT protocols using a dose tracking software system: A multicenter study
T. de Bondt

Scientific Session: Miscellaneous
Moderators: A. Torresin, M. Kallergi

Oral Presentations

O067 Effect Of PMMA Shield On Photoneutron Dose Equivalent In High Energy Medical Linacs
H. D. Seyed Mehdi

O068 Automated Breast Ultrasound For The Detection And Reconstruction Of The Breast Ductal Pattern
M. Kallergi, M. S. Haynes, V. Bizini, P. A. Sheth, L. D. Eshraghi, S. M. Love

O069 An Automatic Method Improving The Reliability Of Shear Wave Elastography In The Diagnosis Of Chronic Liver Disease
I. Gatos, S. Tsantis, P. S. Zoumpoulis, I. Theotokas, G. C. Kagadis

O070 Development And Optimization Of Magnetic Nanoparticles For Targeted Therapy
M. Patitsa, A. Tziouni, K. Kordatos, D.A. Verganelakis, A. Klinakis

O071 Air Density Dependence Of The PTW 34013 Ionization Chamber For Soft X-Ray
J. Torres del Río, C. Forastero, A.M. Tornero-López, J.M. de la Vega, D. Guirado, J. Pérez-Calatayud, A. M. Lallena

O072 jQC-PET, AN ImageJ Macro For The Standardization Of PET/CT Quality Control
J. Cortes-Rodicio, G. Sanchez-Merino, R. Lope-Lope, T. Martin-Gonzalez, J. Ruiz-Pomar, M.A. Garcia-Fidalgo

O073 A New User Friendly Visual Environment For Breast MRI Data Analysis
A. Danelakis, P. Toulas, T. Theoharis, D. A. Verganelakis

O074 MRI-Only Brain Radiotherapy Verification Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography
S. Aouadi, R.W. Hammoud, A. Vasic, S. Paloor, T. Torfeh, P. Petric, N. Al-Hammadi

O075 Creating A Tissue Mimicking Phantom Appropriate For Relaxometry, Diffusion Imaging And Ultrasound Elastography
Z.G. Portakal, J.W. Phillips, S.M. Shermer, C.E. Richards, E. Spezi, L.J. Garcia, T. Perrett, D.G. Lewis, N. Tuncel


Opening Ceremony

Welcome addresses
Prof. J. Damilakis,
ECMP 2016 President
Dr V. Tsapaki, ECMP 2016 Vice President
Dr S. Tabakov, IOMP President

Presentation of the Galileo Galilei Award
P. Russo

Cultural Program (Greek dances from Crete Island & music performance from the “Underground Youth Orchestra”)


Welcome Reception